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The Global Grooves series at the Fox Cabaret is taking a break for the summer season. Enjoy the summer festivals and see you in September !

About Me

1 – Music Journalist & Broadcasting

outdoor music show 2011

I have been producing and hosting radio shows and columns on Radio-Canada (the French CBC) since 1992. I currently co-host and program all the music on the Saturday morning show  LES SAMEDIS DU MONDE (7am to 11 am, hosted by Arnaud Decroix) where I present music and musicians from all over the world.

(To listen to my weekly columns (in French) and learn all about the Iceland desert or the Benin Taïga musics since 2015 click HERE / Pour écouter mes chroniques à l’émission LES SAMEDIS DU MONDE et tout découvrir sur les musiques du désert islandais et de la taïga béninoise, abonnez-vous à notre page ICI  )

During the summer seasons, I also write, produce and host the 30-minute show prior to LES SAMEDIS DU MONDE. It’s called SONGE D’UN SAMEDI D’ÉTÉ and delivers only good news and good music 😉 !

SSE image

On the morning show PHARE OUEST, I have a monthly column where I present the young and upcoming music artists from BC & Yukon that are shaking things up in the music bizz. It’s called PLAQUES TECHTO-RYTHMES

Between 2012 and 2015, I did a national weekly column where I presented a ”fake quizz” called SEARCHING FOR THE SOURCE OF SUCCESS, a series on unusual covers of famous songs coming from unexpected places. I also dabbled into THE SONGS THAT CHANGED THE COURSE OF HISTORY OF A COUNTRY,  and THE FUTURE SOUNDS OF CANADA (on the electro-aboriginal music scene). Every week, across Canada.

As a freelance, I also produce and/or host the morning and/or afternoon show on Radio-Canada BC/Yukon

You can browse through the complete list of radio projects on my CV below.


SONGLINES 2013 - cover

As a contributor to the British magazine SONGLINES, I write CD reviews and features. I usually cover the Aboriginal music scene in Canada.

A 4-page full feature called THE FUTURE SOUNDS OF CANADA was published in the January 2014 issue


In June 2015, my 4-page piece on Tanya Tagaq made the cover ! 

file-page1  Page1

Tanya 1 Tanya 2 Tanya 3 Tanya 4 Tanya 5 Tanya 6


2. World Music DJ

cropped-DJ-marc-Fournier-en-tete.jpg cropped-DJ-Marc-FOURNIER-2014.jpg

I breathe music. I live for music and I love to play music for people and talk about it on radio. My first paying gig was at 16 in Kibuye (Rwanda) and I never looked back. I’ve played on boats (the France-Ireland ferry crossing), trains (in the Piedmont, NW Italy), bars, restaurants, clubs and festivals. I have a knowledge and a passion for African, Brazilian, Latin, Flamenco, Ska, Reggae & other Caribbean music, Electronica, Middle Eastern and Film Music etc… The collision of cultures has given us great music and still does. I am interested in collisions, experiments and meetings through music. Music is light years ahead of politics and current social debates. Music is also timeless. As a DJ, I always want to have a live element. Most of the time, I play with one or many percussionists.

1378387_10151939889680272_74069965_n 155614_458475302266_8328832_n




Past events: 




cubafrica_poster_oct2016 Poster_viva_la_musica 4,9 meg

12671727_562510420582117_1331257421892164077_o mango_beat_april_poster_2016  poster_french_mod_in_the_tropics  3780_10156329535505461_7543857134416949869_n  13640989_10157042389310461_8157985706620128432_o12565390_10153837929700409_2727389263869367995_n   tropical_christmas      Soukous N'dombolo

Clandestinos2 candestinos    1052389_288656867946102_1607043255_o   original wideweb_front_dec27-3card_Ogun_Chango10365896_771307722919142_7652582811305568593_n

1391605_526588177428569_1797417686_n    coconut fest               poster_Ogun_Chango    FRENCH-FEST-POSTER-2015   Kumbeo clean

56040_444863401245_7222678_o      486103_10151378496066211_1903252727_n

Past residencies in Vancouver:

With my music mate Michael Laycock, we held for 10 years (Nov 2004-Nov 2014) a monthly WorldBeat Dance Party called ELECTROPICAL at the Backstage Lounge. A cool and hot spot on an island…..

postcards4_25x6-front_11feb13 OFFICIAL flyer

I also hosted a weekly event (5 to 9pm) at The Calabash Bistro in Vancouver called COCONUT THURSDAYS ”sun-infused soundtrack for after work gatherings” spinning reggae, ska, calypso etc. (2014-2015)


A weekly event called CLAVE ! in the funky Tiki Lounge of the world famous Waldorf Hotel. (2013)



Back in the days (1992-2003) with my DJ partner Tobu Ley, we were doing a monthly African dance party called AFRODISIA…

Afrodisia femmes clean afrodisia curve clean

afrodisia dance clean IMG_20160403_0001


….and a weekly lounge event called LAZY PLEASURES at the wonderful CHAMELEON Lounge.

noche cubana clean noche cubana tonight sapee soiree clean lazy p ambiance clean Lazy Pleasure paresseux clean IMG_20160403_0006

lazy pleasure yacht clean

Other events in Vancouver…..


The first ELECTROPICAL with Conrado Beckerman


Acid Jazz days at The Bottle, The Pic & The Chocolate Milk

(with DJs Clarence, David Jones, Michael Golf…)

Chocolate Milk1 clean

I’ve opened for some artists that I like and respect. Recently, LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES from Venezuela, THE THIEVERY CORPORATION from D.C. and local bands like Delhi2Dublin and Tambura Rasa.

d2d_poster_colour TamburaRasa ANZA July 15

I also do custom soundtracks for gallery openings, fashion shows, theme parties etc.

Check my CV below for details.


3. Concerts and Events coordinator

For the first 3 years (201220132014), I was the musical director of the Western Canada chapter of LE DÎNER EN BLANC, the classy flash mob picnic organized by THE SOCIAL CONCIERGE that took place in Victoria (BC), and Vancouver (BC). Booked/put together live bands and supplied dinner/dance music.

861266_558747717520192_332137727_o 1053277_149792688546577_1143507471_o

With my music mate, sound engineer Xavier Berbudeau, we have a production company, NeoGeo Productions. Past noteworthy events include brazilian artist BÏA IN CONCERT, LOVE IN THE TIME OF ANDALUCIA , THE ALCHEMYST AND THE BURNERS and Italian Jazz/Cabaret pianist PAOLO SERAZZI.

12471662_1126106154096629_8265474462547220203_o 1198218905-4 IMG_4477


4. Film-Related Work

”Metteur en sons” / Soundscape artist for numerous documentaries. I hire composers, negociate terms, do some needle-dropping etc
I also do voice-over in French for any types of projects and commercials. I can do many accents. Previous projects with REAL WORLD MEDIA (Vancouver) and RED LETTER FILMS (Surrey) abounds.


I am the president of the board of directors of the VANCOUVER LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL, a not-for-profit organization with the mission to provide a forum for the promotion and exhibition of Latin American cinema in Vancouver. This annual festival encourages dialogue among cultures, and explores and celebrates the art of contemporary Latin American and Latin-Canadian filmmaking. The festival is taking place the last week of August every year. VLAFF’s mandate is the encouragement and appreciation of motion pictures as a medium of art, information and education. Since 2003, VLAFF has provided audiences with the unique opportunity to watch inspiring films and interact with guest filmmakers from across Latin America and the diaspora. Our special screenings also allow me to do the music selection for all to enjoy.

5. Percussionist
I play Cajón, a box-shaped percussion instrument that originates from Peru and used extensively in Flamenco music, Cuban music and Brazilian music. These days you can hear it also in such music as blues, pop, rock, funk, world music, fusion, jazz etc. I call it a drum kit in a seat !





I ran two international bookstores in Vancouver between 1987 and 2010. Remember Manhattan Books & Sophia Books ? That was me behind the counter and the concept… and then, there is food !  Check my Vibes ‘n Spices blog.

neogeo.marc (at) gmail.com

Thanks for dropping by !



CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – CV – 


Music Selector (DJ

Americas, Japan, Europe, Africa. I’ve been DJing ever since I’ve been able to put a needle on a record (that was before I knew how to walk according to my mother; a crawler DJ I was). I specialize in what some call World Music. From Art Gallery openings to Dance Clubs, Concert Halls and Catwalks, I have been creating soundscapes and soundtracks to create a musical trip. Since settling in Vancouver in 1986, I’ve opened for such artists as THE THIEVERY CORPORATION, GILBERTO GIL and LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES. I’ve had many residencies, the most notables being AFRODISIA at The ANZA Club (1992-1999), LAZY PLEASURES at The Chameleon (1994-2001) and  ELECTROPICAL at The Backstage Lounge (2001-2011).

Current residency: The Backstage Lounge, Granville Island, Vancouver. (2001-present)

Musicians/Percussionists who play with us regularly: Yoro Noukoussi, Raphael Geronimo (Rumba Calzada), Navaro Franco (Zhambai Trio), Sacha Levin, Nick Apivor, Curtis Andrew, Jack Duncan.

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  • Cal Koat
    Cal Koat
    Proprietor, Calcopyrite Communications Inc.

    Marc is a connoisseur of contemporary global music and has the gift to connect others with similar passions together to share in a communal experience, celebrating the international language. With Electropical and Clave and a host of other events under his spell, Vancouver is his proverbial oyster.


Producer / Host


Vancouver + Western Provinces

Producer / Host / Music programmer RADIO

I produced and hosted numerous shows since 1993.
Currently the music programmer & co-host for the Saturday morning show LES SAMEDIS DU MONDE

Substitute producing and/or hosting for
The daily morning show
The daily pm show

Partner & Producer

NeoGeo Productions

NeoGeo productions is a Vancouver-based event production company.
Founded by media person / DJ Marc Fournier and sound engineer / tech wizard Xavier Berbudeau.
previous event include LOVE IN THE TIME OF ANDALUCIA (Storyeum, Feb 2011); THE ALCHEMYST AND THE BURNERS
(Norman Rothstein Theatre, June 10th 2011)


Self employed

Expert in World Music. Polyglott. Music anthropology. Provide soundtracks for International-Flavoured events (Art opening, movie sets, radio, television etc).
Consultant and composer for film soundtracks projects.
Workshops on music, culture and language.
Workshops on the use of books and music for language training.
Workshops on relationship between art, music, food and language in human history.
Translator (English to French & French to English)).

Sophia Books


Sophia Books

Opened Canada’s only multilingual bookstore in Feb 2000.
Books & Magazines in French, English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Italian. + unique visual arts books (fashion, Tattoo, design, architecture, grafitti, music etc)
Supplied multilingual books to School, Libraries and corporate accounts. Japanese Magazines subscriptions service.

Music programmer-Fashion Shows

Self -Employed

program and mix music for fashion shows

Branch Manager

Manhattan Books (Duthie Books)

Buying, hiring, opening and closing, stocking


Producer-Host-Technician for weekly national radio show


Across CanadaProduced and hosted a weekly radio show on World Music.
”NéoGéo-Polaroid musical du nouveau désordre mondial”
broadcasted every Sunday (10pm to 1am) from Vancouver


Le Soleil de Colombie

wrote columns and book reviews


Rett syndrome & Music Therapy


July 1987

Rett syndrome & Music Therapy is a video documentary that I shot and edited. Produced in collaboration with Dr. Johanne Brodeur , Ph.D, MTA, Dr Brodeur holds a Doctorate in Health Science, Music, and Music Therapy and is an accredited music therapist in Canada. She is the Head of the VCM Music Therapy Department and also the Head of the Children’s Music Department. Dr. Brodeur has been a…more


  1. French

    Native or bilingual proficiency

  2. Spanish

    Professional working proficiency

  3. Portuguese

    Elementary proficiency

  4. Japanese

    Elementary proficiency

  5. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency


Cinéma & Littérature


Université du Québec à Montréal


Activities and Societies: Student newspaper

Honors & Awards

pour services rendus à la francophonie internationale, par le Ministère de la Culture de la République Française 2001. http://gazette.gc.ca/archives/p1/2001/2001-02-24/html/gh-rg-fra.html

Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. From the Government of France, for cultural services and inspiration.
approved by The Chancellery of Honours of the Canadian Government.

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